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Trangia is based in Sweden, and is one of the most respected and widely
used camping stoves in the world, Trangia makes lightweight and long
lasting cooking systems and burners.

Trangia was founded in the mid 1920s by John E Jonsson, primarily
producing household cookware and various camping sets, then in 1951 the
first model 25 stove set (or storm cooker as its known in Sweden) was
produced, designed for 3-4 people.

It is a completely self contained, lightweight and portable camping
stove that contained its own solid brass spirit burner. Later came the
smaller 27 series designed for 2 people, after that came the 28 also
known as the mini, designed for the solo adventurer.

Over the years the company produced many camp stoves and accessories in
a whole host of different materials including aluminium, titanium,
non-stick, and Duossal which is stainless steel + aluminium pressed
together to form a stainless steel liner to the pans, the latest
material is HA that stands for hard anodized aluminium.

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