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Leading the way in innovative performance and technical socks for
running, walking, sports and foot health, the 1000 Mile range boasts
over 60 styles and has been building its solid reputation and brand
recognition for over twenty years and it is still a family owned

Trusted and worn all over the world, 1000 Mile trange available at
Outback Jacks offers moisture wicking sports socks, socks that blends
Tactel® and merino wool for walking. Their innovative blister-free
guarantee using a 'sock within a sock' design has put 1000 Mile a 1000
Miles ahead of other manufacturers. The inner layer stays with the foot
as the outer layer moves with the shoe, thus eliminating friction on the
skin and protecting your feet from blisters.

So whether you are into walking, road, track or trail running, don't set
out without a pair of 1000 Mile socks on your feet if comfort and
performance is important to you.

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