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The Stanley brand has been part of countless adventures and even
more shared memories.

Stanley products have powered daily coffee breaks and just as many hot
meals. Outback Jacks stocks a broad range of Stanley stainless
steel vaccum flasks from 400ml to 1.9litre, food flasks, food cooking
systems and insulated cooler boxes.

The Stanley bottle was created in 1913 by William Stanley Jr. as
a result of his work with transformers. During this work he discovered
that a welding process he was using could be used to insulate a vacuum
bottle with steel instead of glass. By 1915 William Stanley began mass
production of the Stanley bottle including insulated jugs, beverage
servers, and desk top decanters. The Stanley vacuum bottle has evolved
from concept to icon and has become an essential part of workdays, road
trips and outdoor adventures. Get yours at Outback Jacks today!

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