Regatta is one of the most popular leisurewear brands ranging
from jackets, trousers, fleeces & softshells. At Outback Jacks
we stock Men, Womens and Kids waterproof, insulated clothing from Regatta
to suit all your lesiurely needs.

Regatta began its journey in 1981 with 12 people, and today it is
still inspired by the great outdoors and still hanging by the front door
when you need us. And it’s still what counts for the ramblers, amblers,
hikers and bikers. campers and gardeners and daily commuters, dog
walkers, show jumpers and multi-tasking mums, picnickers, backpackers,
kids playing ball and dads at the footie, urban roamers and beachcombers
and puddle-loving children and everyone else we’ve helped start their
own adventure.


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