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Vango Diner Cooker

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Outback Jacks Vango Diner Cooker

If you have a large family to feed while camping, the Diner cooker is ideal for making that perfect meal to keep everyone happy. This 3 hob cooker is full of great features including auto piezo ignition, separate heat controls for each individual burner, built-in windshields and anti-slip feet.

4 anti-slip feet help keep the grill in place on its surface to minimise the risk of accidents

Auto piezo ignition is simple and quick to light and found built-in to the control valve for each burner

Each burner has its own individual control valve allowing you to use different heat levels for varying types of food

A high quality burner grate to support your pots and pans

Lid locks keep the grill firmly closed when not in use or when away in storage so nothing can get lost or damaged

The drip tray collects any excess food grease or oil to avoid excessive mess and is easy to remove for cleaning

The multi-functional lid and handy sides act as a windshield to protect your food from the elements

Three high quality 1.9KW, easy to clean stainless steel burners for cooking several foods at once

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